What are your thoughts on the homeless?

Most of the time the media portrays the homeless as bad people. People who are well off would often say something like “They can go find jobs”, “They’re just lazy”, “Maybe they should stop doing drugs”, and so on.

Now I’m not here to change how you view a homeless person, but mainly because I use to think of them as bad people just like how majority of people are. After getting to know some homeless people and their stories, its actually not how most of you think it would be.

In today’s society, most people probably just think oh they started doing drugs so they waste all their money, or ohh they were in a gang. Question is how do you know? Do you know them personally? Have you spoken to them? If I were to give an honest opinion about the society today, its complete shit. Instead of being a stuck up person sticking to what media tells you, why don’t you actually try and like talk to some homeless people? Its not like they are going to stab you with a needle! They would much rather save needles and drugs for themselves than to harm you with it.

While many homeless people aren’t harmless there of course are ones who can do harm but from the homeless that I got to around where I work, most of them are actually super nice. In fact their stories are actually quite similar and if not similar super sad.

I think the number 1 thing someone should do is to get over their fear of a homeless person and just talk to them. Sure maybe some of them will tell you they want money and nothing else, but a lot of them would actually be happy to get some food.

The number one thing that most people say is “they should go get a job, it would solve all their problems”. NO! that’s not the case! You try going homeless, going days without shower looking like a mess and go for a job interview, are they going to hire you? No, they’re not going to, unless they’re super nice and really needs someone, but even a place like McDonalds do background checks and would say no. From the homeless people that I have talked to, most of them are drug addicts, but a lot of them have tried looking for jobs, but have been turned down either because they find out they’re homeless, or find something in their background check. Some of them even have jobs! but what is a minimum waged job gonna help pay for? Rent only and not utility? or food and no place to live?

Like I said many of them are drug addicts, and from what I know they’re about like what? $20 a hit or something. You may think of something like “ohh, then just stop doing drugs.” Its not that easy, when you’re having an attack and need it, you need it. There’s nothing you can do to stop the attack, and for most of them, its worst in the morning because they haven’t had any. Why else would there be rehab centers to help them? As much as a rehab can help them, they don’t always get accepted into them either, some get accepted under certain circumstances, some get wait listed for years, what the government needs to do is actually try and help these people get off streets and into rehabs instead of not giving a shit about them.

Some of the stories I hear from these homeless people are super sad. Not everyone is a super human and can handle things. For example, one told me how he had his life together and never thought that he would’ve ended up like this. This one mid 30 year old, has a wife, has two kids, had his father, had a great engineering job, had a car, had a house, he had everything. But within one year, his dad died, his wife left with his kids to another place with another man, the devastation? led him to be depressed and basically like a nobody, was a pile of sadness. From that he lost of job, didn’t have money to keep living in house of afford his car, so at that point, he had no family, no money, no place to stay, all he did was use drugs to suppress those feelings he had, and from there? It led to where he is today, homeless, and how long ago was this you asked? Just a little less than 2 years ago that has life was turned around 360 degrees.

So sometimes before you say anything terrible about a homeless person, think about what it would be like if you were in their shoes. I probably wont change your mind about you see this type of thing but it really is no big deal. You just have to into whether your way of thinking is good or not.

But from what I know, these homeless people that I have talked to just wants people to treat them as normal beings and talk to them. Because most people don’t even want to be near them and all that does is make them feel worse.

p.s sorry I didn’t have photos in this one, I just really needed to get this out there.


Does which university you go to really matter?

Recently I had an argument about whether going to a better university is going to matter more than a not as good university. I know that you guys all have your opinions and I am fine with that, but what bothers me is this question.

Does it really matter which university you go to? I mean maybe if you were going to Harvard sure. But for universities close to you, does it matter whether its the best or not?
I personally think that it doesn’t matter, so many graduates now a days can’t even find a job. For example, so many tech and comp sci jobs require you to have this many years of experience. Where am I going to find experience for this job if all I have been doing is go to school for it?

I mean yeah, sometimes you might come across a place looking for like new grads to train and stuff, but what are the odds? A while back I was working on a food truck and honestly, I didn’t even know how to cook much, but by proving that I am the one for the job and being a hard worker, it paid off. I didn’t need to go to a culinary school for it, if anything I was basically learning how to cook and the ways of a chef without going to culinary schools. In reality many people actually learn on the job, no one knows everything, there has to be something that you learn throughout the process. So why does the university matter?

If you go to a bad university but you are ranked top 1 in the school highest GPA blah blah, I think you would have a better chance that someone that goes to a good school but low GPA. At least the interviewers would be able to tell the difference between someone who is willing to put in the effort rather than just being meh about it.

To me I think of all universities as the same, if you can get a piece of paper that says you graduated then that is all I need. No need for a fancy school with high tuition, why not just go to cheaper school and learn the same things. Different teachers, different style of teaching, maybe there’s a super teacher hidden in a not so good school, you never know!

Maybe you guys will think I’m an idiot for it, but I’m a hard working person, if I want a job I will work for it, not just get the job because I went to a good school. Schools don’t matter, what matters is the type of person you are. If I were to hire someone, I rather have someone not as smart but with lots of experience and good attitude, as to someone who is cocky about going to a good school, thinking they can land any job they want.

Some people turn out just find even not going to school! I’m not saying you should stop going to school, but you get the idea.

Sorry I really needed to rant so I didn’t include any pictures! >.<

Long Distance Relationships questions!

In a long distance relationship and have questions?? Well I am going to be your Relationship 101ist! I’ve read so many Long Distance Relationship posts, but despite all of that I still have questions that have never been asked. Or if there were some posts, it would be about relationships that started out together but had to move away for work for a while kind of thing.

My relationship post if for people who has met their other half online and decide to start their relationship. As someone who has been in a long distance relationship multiple times and currently in one these are the questions I always want to know the answer to.


Is the relationship going to work out?
The relationship will only workout if you both put the effort in to make it work. If one of you stop caring as much or wanting it as much, its never going to work. Its harsh but that’s the truth. If you aren’t willing to commit to the relationship it’s better if you don’t start the relationship.

The hate from others. What to do?
Ever since my friends and family found out about my long distance relationship, all they do is hate on it. They tell me its not going to work out, the distance is too big and the other person is probably just catfishing you. Well what you should do is just ignore everything anyone says, their opinions dont matter. If you want the relationship to work out then that is what you should focus on, NOT what others tell you. Similar idea as to if you were to go the mall alone vs with friends. Alone you would just buy what you like, with friends, theyre there to tell you this is gross and that is gross ending result in you cant buy anything. So never let people tell you otherwise.


Trust Issues?
It is your responsibility to put trust in your other half. If you want their trust, then you must let them know that you trust them as well as not doing anything to break the trust. Don’t go around messaging out chicks or dudes or flirting and doing things with them. Trust is a big problem in long distance relationship, without the trust its literally impossible to keep the relationship up.

Girls, if youre going to start an argument don’t expect your man to always be the one making up with you. Once they get to the point where they cant handle your attitude they will leave, and youre going to be the one hurting not him. Guys? If your girl is trying to argue, try comforting her, 90% chance that all she wants is your attention. Anime fans the term is prob tsundere girls, seems tough and all but is so sweet and just wants your attention yeno.


What is the most challenging part of the relationship?
The hardest part in my opinion is the distance. We both live in different places, some different states and others, different countries. It isn’t as easy as most think for meeting up, not everyone has the funds to do so. Especially if your other half lives across the globe. For me I was fortune enough that my other half lives only 3 hrs away by flight, and that the tickets were cheap.

The second thing I think is the hardest is again the distance, except this time after meeting. For example, Ive been in a relationship with my other half for almost 2 years, and this year we finally got to meet. Ended up spending time together for almost 2 months. When it was time for me to leave, I was super super sad, even while waiting to check in. The night I got home was the hardest thing ever. After 2 months of being all lovey dovey and cuddling all night long, the person I love most was taken away from me by the distance.


The biggest worry I have is what is my other half falls in love with someone else? Or stop loving me or start doubting me. Any form of doubt in one another would make it super stressful for you guys and from the stress forming it just wont work out.

It makes me super worry what if there is a new person at school or work that just blows my other half away. Id be devastated. But this worry goes both ways, it happens to the boy and it happens to the girl. When love comes you can’t control it, you can only say that you weren’t meant to be.

Good Things about Long Distance Relationship
The best things about a long distance relationships are the bond you share. Over the internet you can be your true self talking to the person you love. I find bonding over the internet first then meeting changed things in person so much. For example over facetime we would fart and talk about it, resulting in when we met up, farting infront of each other was no big deal, just smelly haha.

Being so far away really gives you the opportunity to talk about how your day was and what made it good/bad. It is super easy to talk to your other half about your troubles, sometimes things arent as easy to say in person.

Another thing I think would say is good is that it really teaches how to make time. We both have our personal lives and our personal space, but having one another makes you find time during the day to just call your other half and talk about the day.

Sometimes my boyfriend and I leave our facetime calls on all night, just so we can talk until we fall asleep.

There are probably alot more I can talk about, but once you start talking about things like this you just cant remember anything.


I was lucky enough to find a loving boyfriend who loves me for who I am, even though I am a super stubborn person. I know it bothers him so much but he still loves me. I super super appreciate what he has done for me. Supporting me with everything and every decision I make, always making me happy.

I have 100% trust over my boyfriend, and why is that? Thats because he proves to me that he is worthy of my trust. I wouldn’t have it any other way, and possibly in a few years we’ll probably get married!!!

Youre probably going to read this, and if you do I LOVE YOU!! I love you and I’m not afraid to post it, theres nothing wrong with loving someone and expressing it, even if people think its cringey. Thank you for loving me Thank you for being mine Thank you for being you.

So in conclusion, long distance relationships will work out as long as you put in the effort to do so. Its not rocket science, if you want it make it happen, if you dont put in the effort, nothings going to happen. I always recommend people who are thinking about getting into a long distance relationship to think about it super hard, and to talk to the other person about it to see if you can arrange anything. That’s the first step of putting in your effort.



A Proper Introduction of Myself.

LONG TIME NO SEEE WORDPRESS!!!To be completely honest with you guys, my writing suck. It lacks everything an English course would need. This is my blog though, so I will write whatever I want to and have whatever topics I want to.

A little bit about myself

Name: Zowie, obviously not my real name but you can call me that.

Age: I am 19 turning 20

Sex: FeMale? female or male? Secret Identity

Location: Somewhere up North


Favorite Color: Purple since I was little, purple forever, can you believe these use to be my wallpapers


Favorite Food: Chicken Chow Mein


Favorite Dessert: Haggen Dasz Coffee OMG SO GOOD but only if youre a coffee fan


Relationship Status: Taken Bacon by a lovely Long Distance Relationship, maybe I should make a post about long distance relationship and random stuff

Favorite Manga: Fairy Tail, I don’t care if there are better ones, once a Fairy Tail always a Fairy Tail


Favorite Anime: I think you should know what my favorite anime is, FAIRY TAIL!!

Favorite Drama: Hmm, honestly drama wise I think I would go with One Litres of Tear, since it made me cry so so much. -sobs- but here is a Goblin giftumblr_inline_ok1vg4nEp41un4l7b_500

Favorite Song: Heavy-Linkin Park, found it out by boyfriend and cant get it out my head RIP Chester or maybe This Step Alone by Elliott Yamin, I love it

There you have it a detailed but not so detailed post about me.

My goal for the rest of the year is to keep up with my blogs even if it means to have to write about any random topic. Can’t disappoint myself and my fans -cough what fans cough-

You know what I realized? I really need to give a round of applause for people who write blogs everyday, I find it super hard to be committed to it, let alone find topics to write about. Do you guys have like lists of what to write? or like rough drafts?? Writing tips are what I need! Feel free to give me some tips haha. I think my next post is going to be about Long Distance Relationships, because I can never find good sites on it. Stay tuned? :p



What are your top 5 Japanese/anime music ost?

There for sure are going to be more than 5 for most people here! But what are you top 5?  Honestly there would be so much more, but these are my top 5, give them a listen and tell me what you think!! They’re really nice songs.

My top 5 Japanese songs/ Anime ost would be (not in order):

  1. Dear you – Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, I’m pretty sure this was an anime, but I never had the chance to watch it, maybe I should! Since I for some reason love this song, I think its been like atleast 5-6 years of loving this song. I guess it also has something to do with the piano part, cause any Japanese songs with any instrument just 100x better. Dear you- Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
  2. First Love – Utada Hikaru, I think I’ve known this song since forever, except, first ever time I’ve heard it was in English, But I love the Japanese version just as much. First Love- Utada Hikaru
  3. Missing You – Kana Nishino, a pretty pretty pretty song,  by now you should probably already know what type of songs I like, all these like lovey ish songs with like nice background music/beats, I may not know all the lyrics but doesn’t keep me from listening just because its so pretty.Missing You- Kana Nishino
  4. Endless Tears – Cliff Edge ft.Maiko Nakamura, Most of these songs I have no idea where they’re from, I find them on Youtube, and honestly, for this song, it was the piano part in the beginning that got hooked me. The rap part was really nice too, I don’t know how Japanese peeps can make music sound so beautiful compared to a lot of trash music now a days no offenceEndless Tears – Cliff Edge ft.Maiko Nakamura
  5. Nandemonaiya (なんでもないや) – 宇野悠人, something for the Kimi no Na Wa loversss! This song man, ever since I saw the movie, I swear this is the only song I listen to, it’s just so catchy, sooo my type of song, I don’t know what theres not to love about this song. Nandemonaiya (なんでもないや) – 宇野悠人



Do you think you’ll ever stop watching anime/ reading manga?

I saw this question somewhere online and it made me question myself. Will I ever stop watching anime or reading manga?

I’ve had times where it was taking forever for a new season or new series to be made, and times where the manga I usually read don’t update weekly. During those times, I honestly felt, wtf am I doing with my life waiting for them to be uploaded. Or sometimes I’m just lazy.. Yenno?? Pretty sure you guys know what I mean, sometimes your’re just not in the mood to watch or read, it can be a long period of time or it can be short.

There will forever be people who wait until the whole series is out, then binge watch it, or there will forever be people who just catch up with it every week.

For me, I think at times I may stop for like a week or two or maybe even a month! But in the end I’ll always go back to it. Anime/ manga, I just don’t see it as something I would ever give up on. As long as anime/ manga exist, Ill watch and read until the day I die? LOL but yeah you get the idea.


Kimi No Na Wa Hair tie? Bracelet?

So, I’ve watched Kimi no Na Wa for some time now and  I still can’t get over how much I loved it. I love Taki, I love Mitsuha, I love the songs in the movie, I loved everything about it! One thing that just stands out so much to me was the hair tie/ bracelet. The braided cord that Mitsuha wears almost everyday.

That being said… I wanted my own so I attempted to make one! Not so bad.. I had to look for lots of pictures of it to see what colors her hair tie thing was, and most of them had red, orange, blue and white. So I made it those colors. It may not be exactly like how it is but I tried. What do you think?? I added a bell for a jingley sound cause why not? and the last picture was why I did it in this pattern so yeahh.


What does drama/anime/manga mean to you?

Back to my questions of the day kinda thing!

So, What does drama, anime or manga mean to you? When did you start watching/ reading?

As a Chinese kid, I grew up knowing this character as “Ding Dong”, but everyone knows him as Doraemon. The blue cat that has all sorts of gadgets that travels in time. I think I started to watch  Doraemon on a daily basis and as a kid because my parents for some reason had vhs recordings of it. But after a while I kinda just stopped, no one else I knew watched anime, it wasn’t really appreciated, BUT I started to watch again after growing up.

As for manga, I don’t think I started reading until 8-9 years ago? The first ever manga I’ve ever read was called Black Bird. Black Bird caught my attention on like the first few chapters, it was about a high school girl who could see supernatural creatures kind of thing, and on her 16th birthday she found out she was “The Senka”. Senka is one who has like “special blood” that makes all supernatural creatures want to kill her for her blood to increase their own power. Of course, what is a highschool girl doing without the protection of a handsome boy?!?! Well there this boy that the girl knew from before, whom is a demon, but he does whatever it takes to protect her.

Drama, drama,drama. Drama is something I’ve watched every single day, especially growing up in my Chinese house hold, where TVB was popular (Hong Kong Television Broadcasts) and still is. I’ve probably watched over a hundred dramas since a kid. So drama has it’s own special part in my heart.

I know all of these anime, manga and drama are made up stories, but I just can’t help but be so emotionally attached to them.  They’re sorta like a friend yeno? They’re always there for you and there is always the one that “knows” your mood. Especially for someone who is so emotional/ sensitive, I think I’ve probably cried at least once in every drama and in some anime!


All three has taught me a lot about life and helped shape me into who I am today. The good people, happiness and even the non existence love story that occurs. It teaches me to be kind, what team work means, what happiness is, what love is (sorta) and most importantly knowing who you are yourself. Don’t let other people shape you into someone you’re not, do what you like!

Except in reality, there are a lot more hardships to it than there are in anime, manga and drama, where their world is just so perfect and always have happy endings. It isn’t always about the happy ending. The world isn’t a perfect place, there will always be goods and bads, but as long as that doesn’t change who you are then thats all that matters right???



One Litre of Tears.

One litre of tears is a drama series aired back in 2005 based on the true story of Aya Kito.

I don’t think I’m going to go much into details about the drama itself, but I just really wanted to get the story of Aya out.

Aya was 15 years old when she was diagnosed with Spinocerebellar Ataxia, commonly known as Spinocerebellar Degeneration. An incurable disease that causes one to eventually lose the ability to move freely. Meaning you won’t be able to walk, won’t be able to write, and eventually the inability to speak. Aya battled this disease for 10 years before passing away. During the time she wrote diary entries daily, despite it getting harder by day for her to write.

Aya had always wanted to help others, and using her diary entry, with the help of her family, they published it into a book called “1 Litre of Tears”(eng translation). The purpose of the publishing was to give hope to others. Hopes like how Aya never gave up on herself, she knew what the disease was, she knew how she would end up, but it didn’t stop her, she did what she does best and lived by the day. And on the day of May 23 1988 Aya Kito passed away at the age of 25.

For 10 years not once did she give up on herself, so none of you guys should either!! If her story doesn’t give you hope, then watch the drama and read her diary entry!!! I’m giving you guys links!

I know this drama is old and that Aya’s story was long ago, even before I was born, but I balled my eyes out. So, give it a watch if you haven’t already and go read her diary!

Aya Kito’s Diary


P.S. To be honest, I almost cried writing this 😦



Gomenasai mina san :3 Sorry for not being active at all for the past two weeks, was dealing with exams, work and volunteer stuff. BUT now I’m free and will be posting again so please come back to me ONEGAIII!! I love you guys 😀