What are you doing with your life?

What are you guys doing with your life? I need some tips from you guys!

As of recently, I’ve been thinking about this question. What the fk am I doing with my life? It’s going no where I want it to be. It’s almost like I’m stuck in this never ending cycle of doing the same things everyday.

I go to school, I go to work, I have a place to stay and I drive. All of that already seems like its okay. But it’s not. In fact its lacking so much.

I’ve never been a top student in school, I work at a family restaurant for no pay since its still a new restaurant and I don’t even like it here too much.

I’m not where I want to be. I want to work at a job I like and make money. I want to be able to have days off and go shopping for things and pay for everything myself. I don’t want to be stuck doing the same things everyday and not going anywhere.

I’m sure a lot of you are not where you want to be but I want to know your stories! How did you get to where you are today? What do you do now? What are some tips?

I’m still pretty young, I’m only 20 but this topic has literally been frustrating me all week. To the point where I just don’t know what I’m doing anymore. This blog post has been in my draft for days. I don’t even know what else to add but to say I’m STUCK!


Should you attend your graduation?

This question may be super silly for some of you but for others its not. For most people, their graduation ceremony is a must attend.

Back in high school, I just did not want to attend my graduation ceremony at all. Some of you may be thinking, why?

I wasn’t having a good time in school. It wasn’t because I didn’t have any friends, it wasn’t because I was bullied or had bad grades. I just didn’t want to attend. Though to have made that decision, I did some researching before hand.

“Skipping out on graduation day”, “What if I can’t make it to my graduation”. I found a lot of posts in regards to skipping out graduation day. A lot of people said oh, Youre going to regret it, its a once in a life time thing. In fact a lot of people said that to me in person too.

Honestly, its been a couple of years since I graduated, and not one day have I regretted it. But I guess that totally depends on you as a person.

I know for a fact that every year there are always the few people who ask themselves, “Should I attend?” My feedback on that is, do what you think is right. If you want to go, go. If not then why bother?

How I viewed my graduation ceremony was that, its 3 hours long! Not only that, but 3 hrs long and only for me to be on stage for 10 seconds. My last name beginning with Z puts me at the end of the list for being called out. I guess that’s why I didn’t want to go.

Another reason I didn’t want to go was because I always liked to do things on my own. I don’t really care for a big circle of friends or stuff like that. I have a few close friends and they are more than enough.

At the time I had a over night job as well, so I was more about my studies and my job. Personally I didn’t think it was that worth it to go onto stage. Since they mail me my certificate anyway.

I still got to get my cap and gown and my tassel. So that sorta counts as attending haha.

To conclude this, it really depends on you. If you think its worth it then go.

I didn’t bother going prom either, not that no one asked me but I just didn’t want to have to spends so much money on a dress and a pair of shoes. So now you guys all know I didn’t go to my grad or prom and I don’t regret it one bit.

One Piece

I have never been interested in One Piece at all. One piece seemed like one of those anime that everyone watches and is just the norms. Which is why I have always refused it.  Well anyway, I started to watch One Piece.


Under my boyfriend’s recommendation for the last couple of years, I decided I’m finally going to seriously watch One Piece. The first couple of episodes were okay. Not bad, but I am a loyal Fairy Tail fan so of course.

The character that stuck out to me most was Zoro. He is one handsome man haha (Sorry boyfriend, if you see this, I love you!) But aside from that Zoro was Luffy’s first recruit. So that stuck out to me a lot. He has green hair too! Who doesn’t like green hair? I want green hair myself.


The first 10 ish episodes was kinda ehh, it wasn’t bad but its not extremely good. Nami I don’t care too much for. It wasn’t until the episode 20 when it caught my attention, A LOT.

Sanji episodes. The episodes on the Baratie are my favorites so far. I got to see Sanji being passionate about his food and the ship. I got to see Evil Pirate Don Kreig try and hijack the ship. I got to see a lot of things.

One of my favorite episode was when Hawk Eye showed up and had a battle with Zoro. It was heartbreaking to see Zoro get so injured. But it was quite pleasing to see Hawk Eye acknowledge  Zoro. As well, for Luffy to always see Zoro as the strongest made me quite teary eyed.

Another episode I really enjoyed was about Little Sanji. How Sanji was blasted into the water and started drowning. That’s when I knew more about Zeff (Red-Leg). In the beginning I wasn’t too fond of Zeff. It wasn’t until the Little Sanji episode that made me like that character a lot.

As Sanji was drowning, Zeff for some reason decided to save him. Saving Sanji costed Zeff’s leg, which was his most powerful weapon. Upon saving Sanji, they were stranded on a large rock in the middle of the sea. For a lot of days.

Zeff ended up giving all his food to Sanji. In which Sanji did not know, and tried to kill Zeff for his portion of food. Only to find out, he had none. That was when Sanji knew he owes his life to Zeff. Which is why he helps at the Baratie.

Up until now, its going really well, I really enjoy it. I am sure there are lots more exciting things to it. My One Piece watching ends there for now. I will update you guys on how I feel about it later on! Thanks for reading!!

Have you guys watched One Piece?? Why do you like one piece?

Money and Happiness

Money buys happiness.

Over the years, we notice the changes in the pricing of things all around the world. House prices, Gas Prices and even food prices are rising. Does money really buy happiness?

Those who are less fortunate often ask themselves whether money will bring them happiness. While those who already have a lot of money don’t feel satisfied.

During times of crisis, we often think. “If only I was rich, I wouldn’t have debt at all.” With lots of money, not only would you not have any debt. You can buy whatever you want. You can travel anywhere you want. But what’s the fun in that?

Personally, I have been in times where I was broke and times were I got to buy whatever I wanted to. The feeling of buying anything I wanted was ecstatic. I didn’t have a single worry, and didn’t have to care about not having enough to live after making the purchase.

After a while though, I realized a lot of people take money for granted. Some people would spend a lot of money on useless things before their priorities. Causing them to be broke or not being able to pay off bills. Then there are those who just keep piling up their credit card bills. Very smart move huh?

money-scrabble banner

Money can literally make you super happy if you think about it. But this happy is not the happy you’re thinking of. This happy is simply a sense of satisfaction. I want this! I want that! Okay lets buy it. “Purchase.” Well ok, thats all there is to it. You feel satisfied but your not entirely happy.

For this post I really wanted you guys to read that first part and think about it. A lot of you might agree but many will disagree. I actually so-so disagree.

Money can’t buy you happiness. Money can buy you friends but not real friends. Money can buy you a husband or wife but can’t buy you true love. Money can’t buy health. Money can’t buy a lot of things.

I never saw money as an important part to my life. If I want to spend I will spend, If I want to save then I’ll save. To me, the number one thing for being happy is to doing what you love to do. Maybe it’s shopping! But for me, a day at home, spending time with boyfriend and watching a movie is a lot more happy than owning everything in the world.

Money, I find sometimes can be evil? You get judged if you have a lot of it, but you get judged if you don’t have any. You can never please anyone. So why care if you are well off or not? You just need to please yourself.

A person that’s wealthy may be working all the time and have no time to spend with their family. Where as someone who is working minimum wage and shorter hrs, would have plenty of time to spend with their families.

I know there are a lot of wealthy people who spend lots of time with their families as well but not all of them. There is nobody perfect, something had to be sacrificed.

When did money even start? Why do we must use it? Why does it have to be what identifies us? Money isn’t everything. It can get you fame, it can get you looks, it can get you anything you want to buy. But no amount of money can buy you family, love, health and your unique personality.

Give me your thoughts on money relating to happiness!

First Time

A poem I wrote back in 6/7th grade. I thought it was really good at the time, but never got a mark back from teacher. What do you guys think? I know its not the best but teen me thought it was excellent haha.

First Time


Sitting here in the train,

listening to the rain.

Pittering, pattering against the window.

What colour would it be? I don’t know.



I’ve reached my stop,

But it’s okay.

We’ll meet again,

But in a different way.


The wonders of today,

Leaves an image in my brain.

Never in my life,

Have I thought of this day.


Back on the train.

Out of the window my hands go,

To finally see the clearness of the rain,

Dripping against the palms of my hand.

My life has completely changed,

It’ll never be the same.

Oh how exciting this journey would be,

After all these years I can finally see.

Fairy Tail Sequel??

“You just made a post about Fairy Tail…”

So after checking up on Fairy Tail. Since yesterday I found out that the author Hiro Mashima has announced a sequel to Fairy Tail!

The author posted sneak peaks of this sequel on Twitter just a few days ago. We are most likely expecting a short sequel , though I could be wrong.

From this sneak peaks, I think he is going to write about Fairy Tail members as an adults. Who knows when this sequel will be released though? Since Hiro Mashima is working on other work as well as a new series!

Look at how much grown up Natsu is alike to Gildarts!  I was pretty excited when I heard that there’s going to be a sequel. I hope Fairy Tail’s sequel will be long lasting and not short.  😦

And of course, the final season for the anime will be this year! So Stay tuned for it!

Anyway, this post was pretty short but thought I would share about the new sequel!


Fairy Tail

As every anime person knows, Fairy Tail has ended. 😦 Actually it has ended quite some time now.

Fairy Tail was the manga/ anime that first interested me the most. It all started on the day I went to the library after a swimming lesson. This beautiful cover photo of the manga. Like Omg! What is Fairy Tail??? Why does it have the words fairy and tail in the title? What does it have to do with the manga????

I know a lot of people prefer Naruto and One Piece over Fairy Tail. and I know that lot of people put the three within the same category. To me Fairy Tail is more than Naruto and One Piece. You may not think so, but I do. Mainly because its where I started from beginning until the end. Fairy Tail will forever have a position in my heart even if it over. I really encourage some of you that have never read or watch Fairy Tail to do so.

Read the manga though! Reading the manga actually gives you so much more details and its just more fun. At least you can tell your parents you’re “reading”.

giphy (1)

My Thoughts on the ending

Many of us Fairy Tail fans already saw the end coming. It wasn’t a surprise, we predicted it way before it was even announced through characters in the manga. The last battle they had in the manga will be an unforgettable one.

I don’t want to spoil too much for anyone but for any that ships Natsu and Lucy, they had a beautiful ending together!!

Ugh, reading that ending made me cry to be honest. I really wish Fairy Tail can continue on. I know it’ll always have a special place in my heart.

Any other Fairy Tail fans out there??? What are you guys thoughts on FairyTail?

Corrupted system

Life is fcked. Since when has the system been so corrupted? Forever?Where has justice gone and what caused it?

Recently, I have been reading up on how judges will always side with cops in a court room. I thought judges were suppose to do justice things and figure out who is right and who is wrong and not wrongfully accuse a person just because the cop said so. Cops can give out random tickets if they don’t like you, accuse you for it and in the end, youre going to have to pay.

Lawyers and judges should be justifying the truth and not being bias. Which leads to lawyers who help jerks win cases!

When was it ok to help the bad guys get what they want? Is that how the law works? What is the point of having lawyers and judges if everything and everyone can be viewed as a criminal?

Growing up as a kid, you see all these cool tv shows with lawyers and they would look so cool. You would look up to police officers because they protect you. As soon as you grow up and become an adult, thats different story. Everything you do is wrong, speeding, texting, everything!

What if someone was speeding because of an emergency? Or maybe someone was looking on their phone because of an emergency? Or maybe they weren’t even looking at their phone at all! It doesn’t matter what your reason is, you would still get a ticket. But does that make it okay that police officers can speed? Just because they have an emergency? Use their computers and devices? Because of an emergency?

I don;t know if you guys have ever seen and but I have seen. I have seen many time where a police officer was stopped at a red light and then he all of a sudden puts their sirens on. Did you really do it because of an emergency?? Or just to avoid traffic?

But of course there are still officers who really care about their jobs, however theres still a lot of officers that don’t.

Thats just how I view this topic. I don’t know if its “legal” for me to talk about stuff like this, but who knows?

With a system like there is today, I might even get shot if I write something like this, but fck it.

What are your thoughts on the homeless?

Most of the time the media portrays the homeless as bad people. People who are well off would often say something like “They can go find jobs”, “They’re just lazy”, “Maybe they should stop doing drugs”, and so on.

Now I’m not here to change how you view a homeless person, but mainly because I use to think of them as bad people just like how majority of people are. After getting to know some homeless people and their stories, its actually not how most of you think it would be.

In today’s society, most people probably just think oh they started doing drugs so they waste all their money, or ohh they were in a gang. Question is how do you know? Do you know them personally? Have you spoken to them? If I were to give an honest opinion about the society today, its complete shit. Instead of being a stuck up person sticking to what media tells you, why don’t you actually try and like talk to some homeless people? Its not like they are going to stab you with a needle! They would much rather save needles and drugs for themselves than to harm you with it.

While many homeless people aren’t harmless there of course are ones who can do harm but from the homeless that I got to around where I work, most of them are actually super nice. In fact their stories are actually quite similar and if not similar super sad.

I think the number 1 thing someone should do is to get over their fear of a homeless person and just talk to them. Sure maybe some of them will tell you they want money and nothing else, but a lot of them would actually be happy to get some food.

The number one thing that most people say is “they should go get a job, it would solve all their problems”. NO! that’s not the case! You try going homeless, going days without shower looking like a mess and go for a job interview, are they going to hire you? No, they’re not going to, unless they’re super nice and really needs someone, but even a place like McDonalds do background checks and would say no. From the homeless people that I have talked to, most of them are drug addicts, but a lot of them have tried looking for jobs, but have been turned down either because they find out they’re homeless, or find something in their background check. Some of them even have jobs! but what is a minimum waged job gonna help pay for? Rent only and not utility? or food and no place to live?

Like I said many of them are drug addicts, and from what I know they’re about like what? $20 a hit or something. You may think of something like “ohh, then just stop doing drugs.” Its not that easy, when you’re having an attack and need it, you need it. There’s nothing you can do to stop the attack, and for most of them, its worst in the morning because they haven’t had any. Why else would there be rehab centers to help them? As much as a rehab can help them, they don’t always get accepted into them either, some get accepted under certain circumstances, some get wait listed for years, what the government needs to do is actually try and help these people get off streets and into rehabs instead of not giving a shit about them.

Some of the stories I hear from these homeless people are super sad. Not everyone is a super human and can handle things. For example, one told me how he had his life together and never thought that he would’ve ended up like this. This one mid 30 year old, has a wife, has two kids, had his father, had a great engineering job, had a car, had a house, he had everything. But within one year, his dad died, his wife left with his kids to another place with another man, the devastation? led him to be depressed and basically like a nobody, was a pile of sadness. From that he lost of job, didn’t have money to keep living in house of afford his car, so at that point, he had no family, no money, no place to stay, all he did was use drugs to suppress those feelings he had, and from there? It led to where he is today, homeless, and how long ago was this you asked? Just a little less than 2 years ago that has life was turned around 360 degrees.

So sometimes before you say anything terrible about a homeless person, think about what it would be like if you were in their shoes. I probably wont change your mind about you see this type of thing but it really is no big deal. You just have to into whether your way of thinking is good or not.

But from what I know, these homeless people that I have talked to just wants people to treat them as normal beings and talk to them. Because most people don’t even want to be near them and all that does is make them feel worse.

p.s sorry I didn’t have photos in this one, I just really needed to get this out there.

Does which university you go to really matter?

Recently I had an argument about whether going to a better university is going to matter more than a not as good university. I know that you guys all have your opinions and I am fine with that, but what bothers me is this question.

Does it really matter which university you go to? I mean maybe if you were going to Harvard sure. But for universities close to you, does it matter whether its the best or not?
I personally think that it doesn’t matter, so many graduates now a days can’t even find a job. For example, so many tech and comp sci jobs require you to have this many years of experience. Where am I going to find experience for this job if all I have been doing is go to school for it?

I mean yeah, sometimes you might come across a place looking for like new grads to train and stuff, but what are the odds? A while back I was working on a food truck and honestly, I didn’t even know how to cook much, but by proving that I am the one for the job and being a hard worker, it paid off. I didn’t need to go to a culinary school for it, if anything I was basically learning how to cook and the ways of a chef without going to culinary schools. In reality many people actually learn on the job, no one knows everything, there has to be something that you learn throughout the process. So why does the university matter?

If you go to a bad university but you are ranked top 1 in the school highest GPA blah blah, I think you would have a better chance that someone that goes to a good school but low GPA. At least the interviewers would be able to tell the difference between someone who is willing to put in the effort rather than just being meh about it.

To me I think of all universities as the same, if you can get a piece of paper that says you graduated then that is all I need. No need for a fancy school with high tuition, why not just go to cheaper school and learn the same things. Different teachers, different style of teaching, maybe there’s a super teacher hidden in a not so good school, you never know!

Maybe you guys will think I’m an idiot for it, but I’m a hard working person, if I want a job I will work for it, not just get the job because I went to a good school. Schools don’t matter, what matters is the type of person you are. If I were to hire someone, I rather have someone not as smart but with lots of experience and good attitude, as to someone who is cocky about going to a good school, thinking they can land any job they want.

Some people turn out just find even not going to school! I’m not saying you should stop going to school, but you get the idea.

Sorry I really needed to rant so I didn’t include any pictures! >.<